Defining Success in Business

How can we define success in business? There are many different metrics that people use when evaluating the outcome of a particular professional endeavour, and these metrics can often help us take stock and shape our plans for the future. … Read More

Can Recruitment make you a better person?

On announcing I was leaving the noble profession of teaching for a career in recruitment, I was met with many a raised eyebrow and a pursed lip. I took it on the chin that my moral currency was about to … Read More

Time Management

Three strategies for Time Management – because you can’t manage time, only yourself. Plan your week & day: Every Friday, set aside 15 minutes to plan the week ahead, taking into consideration long term objectives for those things that will … Read More

Commitment – are you a chicken or a pig?

Many of us go through our lives without true commitment to what we are doing and our lives are smaller an poorer as a result. Being committed means finding something that inspires us sufficiently that we will go all in … Read More