Many of us go through our lives without true commitment to what we are doing and our lives are smaller an poorer as a result.

Being committed means finding something that inspires us sufficiently that we will go all in to get it. No escape routes, no way to back down, death or glory. That is how you live a big life and know that at the end you have given everything you had regardless of the outcome.

Which brings me to the chicken and the pig. Next time you are tucking into a full English think about the chicken and the pig. The chicken was certainly involved in the outcome of the breakfast, laying those beautiful eggs with the perfectly shaped whites and the golden yoke. The pig was committed.

Well the pig didn’t have a choice – but you do.

How many decisions have you made in your lifetime that you later complained about the outcome. If you want to change the outcome you must first take responsibility for the choices you have made that led you to this point.

If you commit to all your choices you can’t feel bad whatever the outcome because you gave it everything you had – no regrets and then you can learn from the experience and move on. It’s when we only have one foot in a decision and one foot out that we feel we must stay in that painful position indefinitely. We are waiting to feel ready to commit, waiting for the commitment to not be so scary anymore, but that day never comes and so we hover. Never fully in but never fully out either.

You can be a chicken, stuck in the endless cycle of providing eggs for other peoples plates. Or you can be the pig, go all in and fulfil your purpose on this earth in all your glory.

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