How can we define success in business? There are many different metrics that people use when evaluating the outcome of a particular professional endeavour, and these metrics can often help us take stock and shape our plans for the future.

The first and most obvious thing to note is that success in business is not simply about how much money you can make. Whilst money is an important factor in any business venture, defining yourself solely on the profits that your business can generate is a recipe for cutting corners and sharp practices. Instead, it’s important to balance financial gains to be made with other, less tangible, factors. But what are those core characteristics of success?

One of the primary measures of success in legal recruitment is adding lasting and meaningful value to a client’s practice. Taking a consultative approach means we can measure our success not only on the financial benefits at the end of a recruitment process, but also on knowing that a candidate we’ve delivered for a particular project will be an important and successful member of their new team.

Goals and targets are an inherent part of what we do and can also be used as an excellent way of measuring the outcome of a particular task. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean monetary targets, but also includes things such as the quality of candidates with which your interacting and the subsequent relationships that can be formed as a result.

Ultimately, success is something to be worked at, and can be achieved by setting manageable and meaningful goals which contribute to a bigger overall picture of where you want to be.

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