If you asked someone what they think motivates people to work in recruitment, top of most people’s list of answers would be money. Whilst this is true to a certain extent, both in recruitment and most other professions, taking this viewpoint implies that the recruiter will shoehorn any square peg into any round hole that they can find to make a quick buck. Whilst all recruiters are motivated somewhat the financial incentives involved, good recruiters will also put this on a par with other factors.

One other motivating factor is the satisfaction of genuinely helping to develop a candidate’s career and grow a firm’s practice. Recruiters who act with integrity and honesty will take pride in this process and will strive to ensure that that they can deliver on the expectations of both their clients and candidates from start to finish. Whilst the financial rewards to be made at the end of this process may be appealing for the recruiter, so is the process of getting there and the long-term benefits for candidate and client beyond that.

A particularly interesting and motivating factor for legal recruitment is the fact that the opportunity to learn about a vast array of topics and ideas is limitless. Like law itself, there are always new developments, new ideas and new practice areas to be learning about. Whilst most legal recruiters, including myself, have particular specialisms across certain practice areas, there is always the scope to learn new concepts and acquire new knowledge on a day-to-day basis. Coupled with this is the fact that no two days in any type of recruitment are the same, meaning you find yourself challenged to achieve more with each day that passes.

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