On the afternoon of 29th January in Manchester we have our 5th Annual Conference for Law Firm Leaders and Senior Lawyers.
Each year we have a theme and this year is all about change and the impact that change is having and will have in Legal Services.
Law firms are facing major challenges in 3 areas:
Technology – What is out there to help us deliver a better service at lower cost? What is out there which could put us out of business or put our lawyers out of work?
Business Structures and Finance – Should we be a limited company? Should we float? What are the implications of the different structures? How are we going to deal with succession? How are we going to raise the capital we need?
People – What do millennials really want? Why don’t young lawyers want equity? Why are women leaving the profession in droves? How can we keep people happy but at the same time productive enough? Is the current employment model totally broken and if so what can we replace it with? Is it their problem or our problem?
We will be looking at all of these issues and even if we don’t know the answers we will at least reveal the questions.
As well as these 3 key areas we have a keynote from Sandy Lindsay MBE who spent a career in a fast changin industry and came out on top.
We also have 3 law firms telling their stories of change and their hopes for the future, Hedges Law, Brabners and Turner Parkinson.
Our Speakers are:

Stephen Brown – Lights On Consulting – Technology
Chris Bull – Kingsmead Square – Business Structures & Finance
Phil & Bethan Jepson – People

Sandy Lindsay MBE – Change and the Tangerine Story.

Nicola Poole – Hedges Law – From High St to High End
Robert White – Brabners – Changing the bath water but keeping the baby
James Sheridan – Turner Parkinson – AIM for the top

The event is by invitation only so if you are interested, contact me.

This could just be the best one yet!