Stress is something we all face in life and like most things we focus on the negatives. The British Safety Council estimated that in 2017/18 15.4 Million days where lost to work-related stress in the UK.  Common signs of work-related stress can include, depression, anxiety, irritability, pessimism, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  There is a positive side to stress that when used effectively can be used as an advantage.

What is stress and is it always bad? Stress is your body’s way of responding to a demand or threat.  When we sense danger our ‘Fight or Flight ’ response kicks in to get us ready to respond to the situation or threat, this is your body’s way of protecting you.

That adrenaline rush we feel, the increased heart rate and breathing means more oxygen can get to your brain helping to increase your cognitive function and ability.  This can be used to help us focus on the task at hand. Stress is usually a term we use when we feel we are under too much mental or emotional pressure. We all react differently to stress and a situation that feels stressful to one person might act as motivation for another.

You can learn to harness this and use the burst of energy to press on and meet your daily challenges and reach your goals. There are plenty of good books such as ‘Conquer Your Stress- Stephen Palmer’.

The downside to stress is too much for prolonged periods of time can cause physical and mental health problems. Some studies suggest that more then 100 hours of continuous stress can seriously affect your health and in extreme and prolonged cases can lead to heart failure.

So, use stress as a short-term tool to your advantage.  However, if you start to notice your mental or physical health declining, strange body aches, headaches or maybe you are feeling more irritable than usual. Then you’re maybe under too much stress, a new environment with new challenges might be what you need and that is where Jepson Holt can help. We can advise you not only on how to further your career and get the most out of the environment you work in but also suggest a new path which may benefit you and your career.