It is often said that the driving factor behind professional success is momentum. Learning not only how to utilise momentum to propel your career forward, but also what momentum actually is, can inspire you onwards to the next level of your career.

Mark Akerly of the Sigma Group describes momentum as a “mass in motion” and suggests that this driving force can be created by a number of quick-fire successions. The primary question is what practical ideas can we implement in order to achieve these quick-fire successions?

One suggestion Akerly makes is to focus on short-term rather than long-term goals. So instead of redefining your entire business strategy, focus instead on small and practical steps that can bring you immediate success today. Such steps include making more sales calls, filing that important report that you’ve been putting off or calling a client that you haven’t spoke to in a while. Whilst considering how these small steps will ultimately impact your overall aims, consider how they can also contribute to your immediate successes.

One key factor in momentum is the immediate nature of it. It’s about winning now, not winning next week (although with the nature of momentum, the two are clearly linked). Doing things now is a skill, however, and involves careful time management, focus and determination. However, if we can motivate ourselves to get things done in the present, rather than the future, this is an excellent way to build momentum.

Whilst achieving these successes to build momentum is important, rewarding yourself for achieving your goals is equally important. This shouldn’t be overboard, but instead small and enjoyable and help you recognise the hard work that you’ve put in to achieve your goals.

Momentum is an invaluable tool for driving the success of your career forward and helping you achieve your objectives. If you’d like to have a confidential chat about how Jepson Holt can help you achieve your career goals, get in touch on 0161 507 0094.