Often when people think of recruiting, they conceive a process whereby the recruiter will try to fill any role with any candidate as quickly as possible, discounting some or all of the client’s requirements for a particular hire. Operating in this fashion is a sure-fire way to lose the trust of all concerned in the process and quickly find yourself without any clients or candidates.


Unlike this stereotypical method, working for Jepson Holt gives me the opportunity to run highly consultative recruitment processes, which aim to consider both client and candidate needs holistically, ensuring an accurate skillset and culture fit for all elements of a role. There are numerous benefits to working in this manner,


Firstly, it allows you to see the process from both sides, meaning a thorough understanding of the hiring context can be gained. It allows you not only to accurately match a required skillset to a particular candidate, it also enables an understanding of the culture of a particular law firm and how this aligns with the visions and values of your candidates. By asking questions and formulating appropriate solutions at every step in the process, this ensures a long-term strategic vision can be put into action to provide candidates that can not only do the job, but who will thrive in a particular firm.


A second advantage of consultative recruiting is the long term and successful relationships that can be built through this method. All too often, typical recruiters are kept at a distance from law firms, meaning misplaced hires and poor quality results. By taking a consultative approach, a steady and meaningful relationship can be maintained between all parties, which ultimately leads to more value being added to a firm. These types of relationships mean both the recruiter and the client are in prime position to utilise each other’s knowledge to deliver on results and help fulfil requirements appropriately.


Using a consultative method not only benefits the client and the candidate, but it is also a much more fulfilling means by which to do your own job as well. Feeling engaged in a process which you have influence over and a high degree of responsibility for is satisfying not only in its delivery, but also in its results. Seeing lawyers find a role they genuinely believe in and helping firms grow significant practice areas is hugely rewarding over typical transactional recruiting methods, which provide poor quality and short-term fixes for what are often complicated situations.


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