Find Better People

People are your biggest asset. We can help you find better people.

This is the core of what we do. Bespoke legal headhunting and legal recruitment. Working in partnership with us will help you build your business.

We identify the right people for you and approach them in a discrete and professional manner.

The key is to access the entire talent pool for your role using highly professional legal headhunting and legal recruitment techniques.

Our approach is tailored to suit your needs and is agreed with you, so you know what we are doing,  and who we are approaching on your behalf.

A personal service led by our 2 highly experienced Directors, Phil Jepson and Mark Husband supported by our high calibre team.

Ambassadors for you and your opportunity in the way that you want.

We Want to Work With You

We want to work with you, to understand your business and find you key people to help your business to grow and develop.

As well as helping with the needs you know you have, our role is to help you develop your thinking and grow your business in ways which may not have occurred to you before.

Be proactive and use us to help deliver your growth strategy, finding the right lawyers who can bring the right types of business.

This can be a true strategic partnership and you can find the key individuals, teams or businesses you need to grow your business.

By working with us you can deliver your own strategy rather than become part of someone else’s.

Recruit Smarter

We represent talented senior lawyers.

You get the most value where you retain us to help you find the people you need.

We also represent experienced high calibre lawyers who have decided they want to move firms.

Our candidates look at the best firms in the market to meet their needs. That could be you.

This is also a good way to begin to do business together and could start a relationship that could lead to a lot more.

Our Promise

Working with us will get you more experienced and talented people who:

  • Fit your business better
  • Stay with you longer
  • Help to improve your profitability


Everything we do….

Will fit with Our Values

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