The Importance of Focus

It’s arguably far easier to get distracted in your day-to-day life in 2019 than it was say, 30 years ago. Our fast-moving, instant gratification culture presents us with opportunities to get drawn away from what we’re currently doing at every … Read More

How stressed are you?

Stress is something we all face in life and like most things we focus on the negatives. The British Safety Council estimated that in 2017/18 15.4 Million days where lost to work-related stress in the UK.  Common signs of work-related … Read More

Effective Decision Making

Making decisions is an every day part of life, ranging from what clothes to wear today to considering opportunities within your legal career. How we go about making these decisions and the speed with which we make them can drastically … Read More

Structure Your Workplace to Grow Diverse Leaders

Attending a Women in Recruitment event, it was only a matter of time before discussions turned towards a lack of female talent in senior positions, and the problematic solution of positive discrimination.  The panel had some enlightening ideas about how … Read More