1503, 2020

The Importance of Recruiting A Players

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Phil Jepson discusses the importance of recruiting "A Players", law firm culture and Suits with George Ross, Hugh Hilton and JT Foxx in front of a large audience in London in March 2019. George Ross is a legendary New York Real Estate Lawyer. He acted for Donald Trump and his Real Estate business for over [...]

2406, 2019

What motivates recruiters?

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If you asked someone what they think motivates people to work in recruitment, top of most people’s list of answers would be money. Whilst this is true to a certain extent, both in recruitment and most other professions, taking this viewpoint implies that the recruiter will shoehorn any square peg into any round hole that [...]

406, 2019

What science says about having a morning routine

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I have recently begun reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, a book which professes the importance of building the structure of your morning around set routines and practices which can help you feel more grounded, less stressed, and lead us to being more productive throughout the day. A morning routine is something I’ve always [...]

2205, 2019

The Problem with Human Resources!

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People in this area of work are not merely the “tea and sympathy” department but are business strategists tasked with identifying cultural and structural needs and problems well in advance of the rest of the business and able to forecast and address future requirements accordingly. Often the HRD will have a seat on the board [...]

905, 2019

Defining Success in Business

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How can we define success in business? There are many different metrics that people use when evaluating the outcome of a particular professional endeavour, and these metrics can often help us take stock and shape our plans for the future. The first and most obvious thing to note is that success in business is not [...]

2904, 2019

Consultative recruiting and its benefits over other methods

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Often when people think of recruiting, they conceive a process whereby the recruiter will try to fill any role with any candidate as quickly as possible, discounting some or all of the client’s requirements for a particular hire. Operating in this fashion is a sure-fire way to lose the trust of all concerned in the [...]

2504, 2019

The Damaging Effects of Micromanaging (and how to change it TODAY)

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Micromanaging. It has negative connotations for most of us, and understandably so. We’ve all experienced that boss that seems to be constantly watching over your shoulder and chastising you for miniscule things that perhaps could have been slightly more perfect (read: more their ideal of perfect) or that employee that you feel constantly requires your [...]

1704, 2019

Harnessing Momentum to Achieve your Goals

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It is often said that the driving factor behind professional success is momentum. Learning not only how to utilise momentum to propel your career forward, but also what momentum actually is, can inspire you onwards to the next level of your career. Mark Akerly of the Sigma Group describes momentum as a “mass in motion” [...]

804, 2019

Flying Start for the Future Forum

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The Future Forum got off to a flying start last Wednesday in Manchester with Brigitte Lawler presenting our first event to a really high powered group of Law Firm business leaders. We were looking at the changes that firms will need to make and how they need to change to survive and thrive. The feedback [...]

2703, 2019

25 Things I Stand For. Something every lawyer should have.

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My Business Coach set me the exercise of writing down the 25 things I stand for and then posting them for the world to see. As I read through them it is interesting that I have realised a lot of them in the last year when I have been focussing on personal development and business [...]

2203, 2019

The Importance of Focus

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It’s arguably far easier to get distracted in your day-to-day life in 2019 than it was say, 30 years ago. Our fast-moving, instant gratification culture presents us with opportunities to get drawn away from what we’re currently doing at every turn. This is especially true in the legal executive search industry, where we may have [...]

2003, 2019

Fantastic Beasts 2 – Cultivate Office Harmony Through Acceptance and Appreciation

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I’ve always seen Harry Potter as a satire on causes of extremism and radicalisation, and watching Fantastic Beasts 2 last night, this theme seemed stronger than ever. It got me thinking about rebellion and division in the workplace – how do we create a culture of belonging to ensure you retain your best staff? Jude [...]

1403, 2019

How stressed are you?

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Stress is something we all face in life and like most things we focus on the negatives. The British Safety Council estimated that in 2017/18 15.4 Million days where lost to work-related stress in the UK.  Common signs of work-related stress can include, depression, anxiety, irritability, pessimism, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  There is [...]

803, 2019

Effective Decision Making

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Making decisions is an every day part of life, ranging from what clothes to wear today to considering opportunities within your legal career. How we go about making these decisions and the speed with which we make them can drastically affect the ultimate outcome, dependent on how we make the decision. What are the ways [...]

703, 2019

Structure Your Workplace to Grow Diverse Leaders

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Attending a Women in Recruitment event, it was only a matter of time before discussions turned towards a lack of female talent in senior positions, and the problematic solution of positive discrimination.  The panel had some enlightening ideas about how to create a work space where women thrive and will naturally grow to senior positions, [...]

403, 2019

Achieve better learning outcomes: Adapting your teaching style to individual learning styles

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When training or developing staff, there are various learning styles to identify and understand in order create a motivated, collegiate learning environment. Learners tend to have a preference on how they would like to receive information – by reading, hearing or doing - and below are two models used to define these. The VARK model [...]

2602, 2019

How much coffee should you be drinking?

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For many of us coffee is an important part of life. In our office the ratio of coffee machines to coffee drinkers is 1:4. Italians are famous for their coffee drinking and a study conducted by a professor at The University of Naples suggested that the magic number is four cups per day.  The study [...]

2202, 2019

What I’ve learned in my first 2 weeks in recruitment

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I’ve been working in legal recruitment with Jepson Holt for a little over 2 weeks now, and I thought now was an appropriate time to share some insights into what I’ve learnt in this complex and diverse industry since I started. As someone who doesn’t have a background in either the legal or recruitment sectors, [...]

2102, 2019

Can Recruitment make you a better person?

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On announcing I was leaving the noble profession of teaching for a career in recruitment, I was met with many a raised eyebrow and a pursed lip. I took it on the chin that my moral currency was about to take a dive, and promptly started to read books on the art of persuasion (or [...]

2002, 2019

Time Management

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Three strategies for Time Management – because you can’t manage time, only yourself. Plan your week & day: Every Friday, set aside 15 minutes to plan the week ahead, taking into consideration long term objectives for those things that will help keep your business moving forward, outside the routine, immediate role that we do every [...]

1402, 2019

What’s the difference between a search consultant and a greengrocer?

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That may sound like the start of a bad joke but is something I know a bit about.  Having spent seventeen years working in the food industry, most recently running my own fruit and veg wholesale business. I decided I wanted to leave the food industry behind and have a complete career change.  So, I [...]

1012, 2018

Commitment – are you a chicken or a pig?

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Many of us go through our lives without true commitment to what we are doing and our lives are smaller an poorer as a result. Being committed means finding something that inspires us sufficiently that we will go all in to get it. No escape routes, no way to back down, death or glory. That [...]

1710, 2018

The Structures of Law Firms

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The core topic discussed at our recent Legal Business Leaders Lunch was the ownership structures of law firms and the implications that the various different structures have. We talked about five different structures: Partnership, LLP, Publicly Listed Company, Private Limited company;, and Employee Owned. For senior equity partners seeking to maximise and extract the value [...]