The Problem with Human Resources!

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People in this area of work are not merely the “tea and sympathy” department but are business strategists tasked with identifying cultural and structural needs and problems well in advance of the rest of the business and able to forecast … Read More

Defining Success in Business

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How can we define success in business? There are many different metrics that people use when evaluating the outcome of a particular professional endeavour, and these metrics can often help us take stock and shape our plans for the future. … Read More

Eco-friendly office

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As I am sure we’re all aware, it was Earth Day just a few days ago. There’s a good chance that you shared or liked a video on social media and maybe even pledged to discontinue your use of plastic … Read More

Daily commute

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Your daily commute. The words alone are enough to give you feelings of dread and stress – and understandably so, regardless of your means of transport. But have you ever thought about how many hours per week you spend commuting … Read More

The Importance of Focus

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It’s arguably far easier to get distracted in your day-to-day life in 2019 than it was say, 30 years ago. Our fast-moving, instant gratification culture presents us with opportunities to get drawn away from what we’re currently doing at every … Read More

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