Our Values

  • Integrity. We behave in a way, which is open handed, and straight forward.
  • Quality. We try to be as good as we can. We constantly improve what we do.
  • Professionalism. We have high personal and professional standards and behave in a manner which is consistent with them.
  • Innovation. We try new and different ways of doing things to find better ways to deliver results.
  • Team work. We are a team. We have a range of experience and talent. We want an environment where everyone can perform at their best and contribute to the performance of the business. Ultimately team success is more important than individual success.
  • Long Term View. We believe that we should take decisions affecting those we deal with and our business based on what is best in the long term.

Our Vision

To be seen as trusted advisors and problem-solvers to our clients, as well as career development and business development experts in the legal market and wider professional services community.

We want to be considered as a boutique recruiting, coaching and consulting business which operates in the mid to upper tiers of the legal services market and has value derived from its:

  • ability to create value for those it works with;
  • ability to innovate;
  • strong and distinct methodology.