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"It’s the People…"

Jepson Holt are Head Hunters, we are Recruitment Consultants (in the true sense of the word), we are Business Strategy and Merger & Acquisition Consultants.

We are all of these and we are more. We know that great businesses are built by great People. We believe that great People deserve the chance to work in places where they can flourish.

We are about growth through people and growth of people.

We help your business become better and more profitable through bringing you the people who can make the difference for you. We can bring you individuals, teams, or other businesses to help you achieve your strategy.

As an individual we help you to achieve your potential, whether that can be done where you are or whether you need to move. We understand and can get you what you need to develop the skills and experience to move to the next level.

Our people:

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Our vision is:

We are trusted advisers who add to the lives, careers and businesses that we touch.

Our values are:




We behave in a way, which is open handed, and straight forward.




We try to be as good as we can. We constantly improve what we do. If we make mistakes, we try to learn from them so we will not make them again. We use systems and processes to assure quality and consistency.




We have high personal and professional standards and behave in a manner which is consistent with them.

Team work



We are a team. We have a range of experience and talent. We want an environment where everyone can perform at their best and contribute to the performance of the business.

Long Term View



We believe that we should take decisions affecting our those we deal with and our business based on what is best in the long term.




We try new and different ways of doing things to find better ways to deliver results.


More information about Jepson Holt...

Legal Recruitment Manchester, Legal Recruitment London, Legal recruitment Birmingham, Legal Recruitment Nottingham.  Law Recruitment Manchester, Law recruitment  London, Law recruitment Birmingham, Law recruitment Nottingham.

Legal Recruitment International. Our International Legal Recruitment team works with lawyers and law firms around the world, helping law firms grow their businesses and helping lawyers develop their careers.

At Jepson Holt, we pride ourselves on getting the right people in the right jobs. As a leading legal recruitment specialist operating in the Manchester,  London, Birmingham and Nottingham  areas and around the world, we are perfectly placed to offer expert law recruitment assistance to those considering the next career step.

If you’re an individual looking for the right law recruitment advice in Manchester,  London, Birmingham or Nottingham we help you to achieve your potential, by providing you with sound legal recruitment career guidance.

If you are looking for a legal vacancy anywhere in the world Jepson Holt are leading International Legal recruitment specialists.

As a leading legal recruitment expert, we understand the importance of finding a job that suits you, that’s why we have a team of Manchester, London, Birmingham and Nottingham's finest law recruitment specialist to help with any queries you may have.


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