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Whether furthering your career or creating a better understanding the industry, if your aim is to develop you will have to continually acquire relevant knowledge, The Lawyer of the Future paper could be the key ingredient for this.

Fill in the form below to receive the free downloadable paper; written by our Chairman Phil Jepson on the future of the legal industry.

 The legal career path can seem a long and arduous, with no guarantee of reaching pinnacle. A plan is needed to enable you to develop to your maximum potential, giving yourself the best possible chance to reach the top. A simple start would be filling in the form below and downloading a PDF of The Lawyer of the Future paper. 

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The Lawyer of the Future white paper examines how the faster changing and more competitive legal market will impact on lawyers, and what they can do to put themselves in the best possible position to maximise their potential career development. 

The paper discusses the different drivers of change, how business will react and the influences on changing legal career structure. We like to try and use different methods of thinking to help create a better understanding. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.32.17Our simplification of the current legal career path justifies it as more comparable to a game of snakes & ladders than the shorter career path of years gone by.

We like to help people think of law firm culture like supermarket eggs. Although this sounds strange, this simplification can explain a lot. There are three main options; cheap mass produced Battery Eggs, More expensive but better quality Barn Reared and Free Range, the highest quality but produced in a more bespoke manner. This interesting take is explained more in the paper.

Fully understanding such issues can help decision making for career progression. In the paper we talk through these options, helping you to understand where you are and whether that is an advantage to your career development, if it is not then what is needed to change it.

Please download the paper by filling in the above form. 

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Phil Jepson is well equipped to advise on this subject. He qualified as a Solicitor in 1989 at a top 50 law firm, becoming a Partner in 1992 and an equity partner in 1994, then spending around 15 years working in law firms before setting up Jepson Holt in September 2004.
He knows a thing or two about career development within the legal industry.

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