The history of Jepson Holt: 10 years of helping legal firms to grow

In September 2014, Jepson Holt celebrated 10 years of helping legal firms to grow their businesses and helping lawyers develop their careers.

During that time, we’ve changed a lot, but our mantra has stayed the same: we’re dedicated to finding creative solutions to help your firm to achieve its potential, whether that be through traditional executive search, business-wide solutions such as consultancy, mergers or acquisition, or even more creative approaches.

All of that was exactly what we wanted to do when the firm was established by Philip Jepson and Alex Holt in Manchester in 2004, though our means were somewhat more limited! Given office space for free by Alex’s father, who ran a management consultancy, the firm started with a desk, a phone and a laptop and set about ambitious growth plans.

By as early as January 2005, those growth plans had started to come into shape and the partnership hired its first member of staff. By early 2008, twelve others had joined Alex and Phil and Jepson Holt was a fully fledged consultancy. At that time, the biggest challenge was finding decent people to fill an ever-growing number of positions within the industry.

Like the rest of the wider economy, late 2008 saw big changes and the firm altered its approach and its thinking to become much more of a consultative firm, as well as a traditional recruiter. In 2009, with the changes to our approach well underway, Alex left the company, with Phil remaining as chairman.

By 2010, our new offering was fully defined and we were helping firms to complete mergers or implement growth strategies that no other ‘recruitment’ firm could have suggested or carried out. By embracing the new legal market being developed out of the Legal Services Act, we were able to help firms to plan for not only what they needed now, but also what they needed to lead their area of the market in the future.

Over the next few years our growth continued as we found new ways for progressive firms to develop and in April 2014 we appointed Matthew Draper as Managing Director, with Phil still in place as Chairman. Just a few months later the firm celebrated its 10th year in business, as we looked forward to the next 10 years and the even more creative ways we’ve established to help firms in the legal industry to continue to grow.