Monthly Archives: January 2016

Law firms and utilising technology

29 Jan 2016 Full Story

Technology is (and has been for some time) changing the face of the legal landscape, new technological products are streamlining processes, increasing contact with clients and changing the way customers have access to law firms. All fantastic news, if you can stay on or ahead of the curve. However, lawyers are busy people, and with […]

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Will computers replace lawyers?

27 Jan 2016 Full Story

The short answer is “Yes and No”. There is an argument that any professional who can be replaced by a robot should be replaced by a robot. It is probably the case that the forces of competition and the desire to drive down costs mean that any professional who can be replaced by a robot […]

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You are a good associate, but not right to make partner; but you can learn

6 Jan 2016 Full Story

A recent article in the Lawyer (found here) looked at the difficult conversation which arises when letting an associate know they will not make it to partner.  The major problem is that rather than grasp the nettle firms avoid having the conversation. If someone is well liked and works hard, there is often a ‘see how […]

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New Year Legal Jobs – 2016

5 Jan 2016 Full Story

A New Year a New You? We find over the festive period a lot of people reflect on their working life, some come back in January with a new outlook and eager to work, others decide their current role isn’t quite right for them. For the latter we’ve put together some of our new jobs […]

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