Legal Services 2016 – video interviews with speakers

23 Nov 2015


Richard Hodkinson – Chief Technology Officer at DWF 

Richard discusses technology transforming the legal services market, how IT can provide salvation from price pressures and regulatory changes.

The client experience with the use of technology and how law firms need to become digitally enabled. 

The challenges and benefits with the increase in use of data, and Artificial Intelligence and its future in the legal market.  



Clifton Harrison – Director of Marketing & Business Development at Eversheds

Clifton discusses how firms should view the status of their relationships with clients.

What do firms need to do to achieve growth.



Charlie Keeling – Former Global Head of HR at Clyde & Co

Charlie discusses how law firm leaders can reinvent themselves and what the buyer is looking for. 

Where the future drivers of change in the legal sector will come from.

Recruiting the new generation and tailing talent management to different needs. 



Chris Moat – CEO at Fairpoint PLC

Chris discusses the drivers for Fairmont’s entry to the legal sector. 

How Fairpoint has reinvented the delivery of products and services to consumers. 

Consolidation within the legal marketplace and its importance to value.



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