Eggs Can’t Fly: Why it is important to manage your career

19 Jun 2015

We’ve created a white paper from a presentation Phil Jepson gave about developing and managing your career.  Here’s a taster. (Follow the link at the end to view the whole PDF, you can even download it and keep it for later if you like.) 



A career in the law used to be a very simple thing. Law firms were similar to each other and clients wanted pretty much the same things. That has all changed.
Law is now a complex and dynamic market. Even change is not constant. The legal market now attracts a wide range of people with vastly different ambitions, hopes and expectations. Success is not inevitable. 
Lawyers need to have an idea of what they want, develop a plan and then give themselves the skills and experience they need. For each of us it is our own responsibility to manage our own career.
We will look at the changing market, what businesses want from their people and how lawyers can find their way.


Eggs cannot fly, but birds can. To succeed you need to gather the right skills and experiences to take the right advice.

If you want to fly you need to grow wings.


Follow this link to view our full PDF: Eggs Can’t Fly: Why it is important to manage your career