The Perfect Law Firm – Part 9

24 Nov 2014

If today’s law firm leaders could start again and rebuild the perfect the law firm, what would they do differently? The Lawyer asked several of today’s biggest legal names this very question and this is a summary of what they said…

The Future

Tim Eyles (managing partner at Taylor Wessing) – “The fact that the profession has opened up is an excellent motivator for the delivery of quality service.”

Charles Martin (senior partner at Macfarlanes) – “Darwin said it, it is not the biggest or strongest that survive but the most adaptable… Big change is hard in law firms… Few firms can say that they have it all just right…For some a wrecking ball must be a tempting idea.”


Tim Eyles has admiration for the work that law firms do, working with clients on issues that are globally challenging. The legal profession opening up motivates firms to deliver quality services to their clients.

Charles Martin uses Darwin to emphasise his point that it is the firms who can adapt who will survive.

Charles is right. What firms don’t yet understand is just how much change is needed and that having begun to change they will have to keep going.

Things are changing, the pace of change is accelerating and will continue to do so.

Providing clients with services (pricing, quality, expertise, geographic footprint) that meet and exceed their expectations is key in todays market, whether a global firm or a boutique firm.

Firms must have the correct expertise in the right places and at the right price, as well as the firms culture and ideals being balanced with their financial strategy.

Charles Martin thinks a wrecking ball must sound quite appealing to some firms.

If they do not get with the programme the wrecking ball will be wielded by outsiders.