Jepson Holt announces a new search partnership

19 Nov 2014


Jepson Holt is delighted to announce it has formed a search partnership with Thurlow Consulting, a financial market specialist.

Thurlow Consulting specialise in the placement of key individuals and teams into their clients across the global financial markets and services sectors, they have a particular focus on the UK, continental Europe and the USA.

The partnership will see Jepson Holt and Thurlow Consulting working together across their respective industries, looking to utilise each others expertise to provide the highest possible services for their clients. Alan Thurlow, Director of Thurlow Consulting, commented:

“I am very pleased that Thurlow Consulting and Jepson Holt have committed to working together as search partners. I am confident that the combination of financial markets and legal head hunting expertise our respective companies bring will be of great benefit to our clients.”