Announcing the launch of Totuus

18 Sep 2014

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Jepson Holt can today announce the launch of Totuus, a new specialist advisory business, specifically aimed at legal firms.

Led by our Chairman, Philip Jepson, and former Cobbetts Managing Partner, Michael Shaw, Totuus is primarily about helping legal firms to create change.

We believe in creating a level playing field so that small and mid sized firms can compete successfully in what they do.

Taking its name from the Finnish word for ‘Truth’, Totuus will offer the services of high calibre, experienced legal professionals and consultants who know what it takes to build a successful firm in today’s market. How they help each individual firm will differ on a by-firm basis but the overall goal remains the same: to give your business the edge it needs to stand out in a profession that is changing faster than ever before.

We expect to be making announcements soon about high profile Consultants who are joining the Totuus team. To find out more about Totuus and their approach, you can visit the dedicated website at: