Calais to Ventoux: They Did It!

1 Jul 2014

After 6 days of hard riding from Northern France and a climb up a mountain that even professional cyclists can struggle with, the group of Calais to Ventoux riders reached the summit of Mount Ventoux early on Friday afternoon!

The 6,273ft climb up Mount Ventoux marked the end of the group’s efforts, which to date have raised over £24,000 for The Walton Centre. Carrying flags made for them by the pupils of a school local to the centre, the team completed the 22km climb in just over two hours, before carrying on to a downhill ride through canyons and countryside for another 100km.

After arriving back at their Buis-les-Baronnies base, the team celebrated with a final meal together before flying back over the weekend.

Their efforts have all been to raise money towards a new residential unit for the families of Walton Centre patients and their Just Giving page is still open if you feel able to contribute to the group’s fundraising efforts. If you missed the story of their ride you can catch up on the full 6 days of riding by clicking here.

Well done to Phil and the rest of the team, from everyone at Jepson Holt!