Calais to Ventoux: Day 6

25 Jun 2014

Day 6 route - click to enlarge

Day 6 route – click to enlarge

The team are off for their final day of relatively flat riding today, before starting the ascent on Mount Ventoux on Friday.

Yesterday turned out to be a real mixed day for the team. The photo below shows them arriving at Le Pouzin, just to the West of Livron-sur-Drôme, after an afternoon of glorious country cycling. The team’s GPS equipment told them that the afternoon’s riding was completed at pace, with the entire team flying along at 35kph to their base on the West bank of the Rhone river.

The afternoon though was in stark contrast to the morning, where the rain caused havoc with the team’s negotiation of Lyon’s centre. Weaving through heavy traffic, Phil had a small fall but sustained only bruises and was fine to continue with the day. Having made it through Lyon, the bad news wasn’t quite over, as the support vehicle travelling with the team sustained a puncture just before a stop for lunch, causing further delays. Luckily there was the fantastic afternoon riding to come for the group!

photo 1 (2)Today they will be following the course of the Rhone directly South, sticking to the river for the morning rather than using the main A7 road. After travelling around 60km to Bollène, the team will make the turn to the East and begin around 55km of climbing to Buis-les-Baronnies. The small commune of just over 2,000 residents will be their base for this evening and tomorrow, as they rest in preparation for tackling the mountain on Friday.

You can still support the team ahead of their Mount Ventoux climb by using the JustGiving button below.

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The Calais to Ventoux riders, including Jepson Holt chairman Philip Jepson, are covering 600 miles and a 6,273 ft mountain climb to raise money for The Walton Centre, the only specialist neuroscience trust in the country. If you feel able to donate, you can support them on Just Giving here. Missed their journey so far? Catch up on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.