How we help firms to negotiate a changing industry

28 Mar 2014

With the recent changes to the legal industry brought about by deregulation and other market factors, it is understandable that many firms can need some guidance to help to find their new place in today’s legal world.


The changing legal industry has introduced new business structures to the market which previously may not have been considered by law firms. Make no mistake: your new competitors are entering the market with these structures in place, and using them to leverage their position and attract new, different and, in some cases, better talent. We work with firms to help them to map out the structure of their own business and to investigate where it could be improved, in order to help them to better compete.


New products and new markets will emerge within the industry as a result of the flood of new market entrants, due to deregulation. As the markets for these products become clearer, your firm may find that you have a very real potential to compete with other firms for significant opportunities. New products, though, mean other new things; new expertise, new structures and, possibly, a new way of doing business. We work with firms to help to diversify into new areas of interest, without compromising your existing successful business offering.


Mergers are a common way to grow, to diversify or to consolidate your market position but there are important questions around the culture and business that must be considered both before and during the process. What will the newly created firm be like? Will it have any gaps in terms of the services it is able to provide? What will the firm’s new business strategy be? We work with firms not just in the planning and execution stages of mergers, but after the merger, to ensure you achieve the results intended.

Outsourcing HR

Outsourcing your entire HR department to us can save you money and time, as you benefit from the vast range of our experience. We work with our clients for the long term, meaning this option also creates the ability to call on us whenever you are in need of any of our specific business expertise; whether that be a new hire, or a business situation that may benefit from our experience.

Specific expertise

As the industry continues to change and develop, new situations will arise, they could be in recruitment, strategy, or within specific areas like mergers. Jepson Holt are experienced and knowledgeable consultants, who use all of our collective expertise to help our clients to find business solutions which give them a cutting edge.