The legal career path

4 Mar 2014


A solicitors career used to be pretty simple.
You began life as a lowly and poorly paid articled clerk. You qualified as a Solicitor.
If you were a half decent lawyer with an ounce of personality you would be a Partner within 5 years and that was pretty much that.
Firms were relatively small and there was little lateral movement.

A job for life.

Now it is anything but.

The legal market is vastly greater than it used to be and much more speciality driven.

More lawyers are trained than there are training contracts for them.

Law firms are large organisations and those who are at the top are dedicated to keeping others from getting there so the road to Partnership and the road within Partnership grows ever longer.

Now on top of that there are different structures within law firms, most are LLPs or Ltd Companies but every one is different. What they have in common is they are all labyrinthine.

Surprise surprise not every young lawyer wants to ascend to the top. For many the game of snakes and ladders is too risky.

For those who do want to climb within legal organisations they need advice like never before. Unfortunately most recruitment agencies are not a lot of help because they don’t know any more about law firms than their candidates.

Making the right decisions and taking the right direction will make the difference between success and failure.


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