New ways candidates are using their CV and online presence to get better jobs

13 Dec 2013

In a fast-changing world, it is little wonder that the methods employed by candidates to make themselves stand out are changing. Past rules about how to structure CVs and whether or not social media is appropriate are being re-examined by today’s candidates and turned to their advantage. We take a closer look at the changing tactics candidates are employing when hunting for their next position.

Social media as industry commentary

A great benefit of social media is that it gives everyone the chance to have their say on current events – whether you normally have the platform to do so, or not.

Whilst many people might see social media initially as a method to connect with potential clients, standing out amongst your peers is an equally valid reason to engage with the networks that best suit you.

Showing your knowledge, skill and opinions on popular or topical issues could reflect very well during the initial recruitment stage, as switched-on employers examine how you use your social presence on a day-to-day basis.

De-clutter your CV

There has been a lot written in the press recently about the items people are consistently omitting from their CVs; things such as graduation dates or, one story claimed, senior qualifications when applying for a junior position.

In some situations, omitting specific things from your CV may well be appropriate, but it is normally a positive move to examine your CV for items which could be removed in order to ‘de-clutter’ it.

In the US, a two-page CV is considered standard; anything above this may be considered too much information. Reviewing your CV regularly – on a by-application basis even – for unnecessary or out-of-date information, is good practice.