Strategies for growth: look good on the inside

4 Nov 2013

In September, I wrote about proactively choosing which clients to work with as a strategy for growth, a concept which, though vital, could seem to be a challenging strategic decision for the traditional law firm.

This month, the topic for growing strategically in our changing legal market may seem less challenging but is nevertheless another vital area to analyse for those who wish to thrive.

The options and opportunities for growth in our market are numerous, but nearly all of them will, at some point, require you to have your own internal house in order, and in order to a degree that it will withstand a rigorous inspection.

There are three key elements to this:

  • People
  • Systems
  • Structures

Without any one of these, you will be faced with a significant problem when attempting to convince an interested party that you are worth doing business with; whether that be a new employee, a new client or a potential business partner.

People – exceptional people form the bedrock of your business. They interact with clients and carry the firm’s reputation and brand with them in everything that they do. Failing to ensure that you have a team full of amazing employees and partners makes it incredibly difficult for your firm to perform at the very best level.

Systems – good systems, whether IT or more informal, enable your people to do their job and enable your firm to sell its services. Without good systems, logistics and administration work that should ‘just happen’ grinds to a halt. Good systems can be easily fixed but take the time to do it now, rather than waiting for the point when you need them to be highly functional.

Structures – structures enable both your people and your systems to perform to the best of their abilities and give you the measure by which to evidence this. Structural excellence and certainty enables you to clearly show interested parties how great you are at doing what you do.

Whilst looking good internally may seem an obvious proactive position to take to develop your firm further, it is too easy to put off improving any of the above three elements. Don’t. Take immediate action to remedy problems. Because looking good internally is something you need to do now.


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By Philip Jepson. Phil is the Chairman of Jepson Holt Ltd., which he established in 2004. His main focus in the business is helping law firms grow their businesses and lawyers develop their careers. You can find him on , Twitter & LinkedIn.