Are you rewarded?

4 Jul 2013

Think about the last time you talked to someone about something that felt ‘rewarding’. Odds are the conversation didn’t mention money.

Whilst the word might imply a fiscal transaction, the things that we remember as rewarding are rarely to do with money. More likely, they’re to do with achievement, success, vital contributions and actions.

And guess what achievement, success, vital contributions and actions bring? That’s right: greater fiscal rewards.

Most people, when asked to assess whether they are rewarded or not in their job, will immediately turn to their salary to form at least part of the assessment and, of course, your remuneration package is an important factor to consider.

Other factors though, play at least equal part in how satisfied you feel in your current situation and an awareness of these is vital to lead you towards higher salaries, in positions appropriate to the sorts of actions you find rewarding.

If, for example, you’ve always wanted to own your own business, then it is perhaps unlikely that you are going to be happy even working at partner level. Do you have a firm plan on how to achieve your aim of working for yourself? Have you talked with anyone about how you might get there? Starting to plan now for your future as a firm owner will lead to you feeling more rewarded: you know exactly what you’re working towards and how you see yourself getting there.

If you’re happy in the position you’re in at the moment then think about small changes that could affect your satisfaction levels. Is your work/life balance at the right ratio for you? Are you challenged enough by your current position? Do you have the team in place around you to achieve all that you can?

What all of these aspects refer to is a need to recognise exactly what it is that makes you feel rewarded. Consider sitting down to properly evaluate, maybe even build a ‘growth plan’ full of actions. You might already be completing these actions, but have never actually thought of them this way. You might need a drastic change. Either way, when assessing whether you feel rewarded, try not to start with money. If you’re in a position to do your best possible work, fiscal rewards are sure to follow.