DIY or call in the experts?

3 May 2013

When faced with a significant task we might not be suited to, the temptation is always to do it ourselves for free, rather than to call in the experts.

Can you successfully complete the task to the same standard as the experts though and is your valuable time really ‘free’?

With certain tasks, we sometimes manage to undervalue both ourselves and the experts. If you’re looking to recruit a new staff member for example, you might think it will take you no time at all to post a few adverts, select a handful of prospective applicants and carry out the initial interviews.

In reality, your time is better spent on generating revenue for your company and your aim should be to get the best person possible, rather than just to complete the task with the minimum amount of effort.

You will certainly have a large contact network from which you can draw potential applicants but, by contrast, we can access a much wider network and call on the skills of our research team to filter that network down to suitable targets. We ensure you get the best of what’s out there, rather than the best of the network you know is out there.

We can also carry out optimised searching – looking for talent that might not respond to your self-placed adverts, or even have seen them.

Once suitable applicants have been identified, a third party involved in the discussions can help to facilitate the process, focusing on managing it through to a swift and positive conclusion. It’s our focus to ensure your vacancy is filled successfully and we spend all of our time on making sure that is the case.

Often the DIY approach can prove a false economy, which distracts you from your core business activities. By comparison, using the experts improves your chances of getting the best possible result in a cost effective way.