Building A Pipeline of Talent

1 May 2013

The standard approach to recruitment involves slotting person A, into vacancy B. Often, with standard recruitment companies, it matters little that person A and vacancy B aren’t really suited. In fact, with standard recruitment companies, they probably didn’t even know that person A and vacancy B weren’t suited. They’ve seen the opening, they’ve seen the person and they’ve made a match, taken a fee and moved on.

Jepson Holt’s approach is different, typified by our ‘pipeline of talent’ system, which focuses on getting you the right people at the right time and understanding just how much detail both sides of that process require.

Our main goal is to build a relationship with our clients that enables us to know exactly what they’re looking for, without asking them to repeat themselves every time a vacancy comes up. We work with our clients to help them identify what constitutes an ideal candidate for them. It takes time – from your side and ours – but if you’re willing to devote your time to the process then you give yourself the best possible opportunity to acquire the best talent you possibly can.

We focus on understanding what makes you tick, what you value in people, how you do things ‘round here’. We work hard to understand the skills and experience you need. Then we begin to identify talent and build a pipeline.

At any time, you may have specific needs you have identified. You may also have a more strategic need where you would look at someone even though there is no ‘vacancy’.

Similarly, we don’t just look at people who are on the market. We identify the best people and then talk to them about you. 72% of people will at least listen to an opportunity.

Our close relationship with you allows us to act as your ambassadors, spreading your message to potential future hires who may be ready to join you now, or may be ready at some point in the future. In either case, they form part of your pipeline. We keep talking to them over a period of time, building their understanding of you, further assessing their suitability, keeping up their interest in joining you.

When you have a defined vacancy, this pipeline of talent is ready for you, full of identified key people who can help you grow now and build for the future. Surely, that’s better than just putting person A into vacancy B?