Hiring talent – 5 steps to getting it right

8 Apr 2013

As competition for top talent hots up, attracting and retaining the best employees requires an increasingly innovative and focused approach. Here are our 5 top tips to getting it right.

Don’t go it alone

There are times when external expertise can pay dividends for your business. Often the best opportunities are not ‘on the market’ and may not be aware of you and what you could offer them. External experts will put the work in when you may not have the time or expertise in-house.

Don’t hire out of desperation

Remember the old adage, ‘hire slowly, fire quickly’. The key is not to wait until you need someone to start the hiring process. Instead, start identifying top performers before you need them.

Know what you need

Have a clear objective, value set and list of core competencies for the position. Know what you are looking for and identify quickly those people that don’t fit the bill.

Due Diligence is key

Research suggests that 80% of information listed on a candidate’s CV is embellished, therefore stringent background checks are crucial.

References, references, references

It sounds elementary, but too many people overlook this area. References are only a waste of time if you treat them like just an item to check off your list, rather than as a genuinely valuable part of your assessment process.