Fight or Flight Seminar Success

8 Apr 2013

A recent Seminar hosted by Barclays as part of their Breakfast Seminar programme for legal firms, has been heralded a massive success, with more than 70 delegates in attendance.

Phil Jepson, Chairman of Jepson Holt, was asked to present to an audience of lawyers on the future of the UK legal profession, where he was given the opportunity to explore some of the opportunities and challenges for mergers and acquisitions in the sector.

The event was marketed as an opportunity for delegates to take away one or two ideas to implement within their firm.

Feedback from the Seminar revealed that more than 85% of delegates felt that the information presented by Phil was delivered in an engaging way and 97% felt that the information was useful to them.  98% of delegates enjoyed the presentation with more than 95% commenting that Phil was well informed on the subject area.

As a follow up to the session, a paper to capture the key themes and thoughts was put together. You can download the appropriately titled ‘Fight or Flight? The Future of the UK Legal Profession’ by clicking here.